What ZoneWave does

As certified professional partners with Nextivity, we’re proud to say that every piece of equipment we install in our systems:
  • Complies with Ofcom Licence Exempt ruling for mobile signal boosting
  • Uses industry leading Nextivity Cel-Fi technology
  • Provides high quality signal to areas which experience poor coverage
  • Is used to create a bespoke system for you
  • Make for a mobile signal solution that’s compatible with every mobile network
Our hybrid approach brings together a distributed antenna system with digital technology to boost signal throughout your building. Covering around 1,500 square metres, ZoneWave solutions are perfect for small offices, hotels and even large corporate buildings.
So no matter how many floors you’ve got, or how many rooms, a ZoneWave installation should put a smile on your face – and your employees’ and customers’ too.

Sick of rubbish signal?

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