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Poor or slow connectivity is frustrating, whether you need an alternative to traditional broadband connectivity, 4G data over WiFi or stronger mobile phone signal, we have the solution.

Home Working

Access to reliable mobile services has become essential to how people live and work across the UK. As people increasingly use apps and websites, to watch video, listen to music and communicate on the move, the amount of mobile data we use has increased tenfold over the past five years. Mobile phone networks must keep pace with the needs of people and businesses, providing them with both the network capacity and coverage they need.
The four mobile network operators – EE, O2, Three and Vodafone – continue to improve availability; but we are still some way off comprehensive coverage across the UK.

Remote workers 

COVID-19 forced people to work remotely, to be successful good communications is key. Many areas suffer with no access to DSL / Broadband services, which is where our 4G solutions can help. 

Home office 

Home working or home schooling is on the increase, its difficult enough without having to worry about connectivity issues to ensure lessons or conference calls are not missed.  


Our solutions cover many different applications

Outdoor WiFi

Remote buildings

Mobile Homes

Garden Offices


Garages & Sheds

In Vehicle

Temporary buildings

Our Solutions

Ofcom License Exempt Specification

On 12th April 2018, new regulations came into effect authorise the use of certain mobile phone repeaters that meet specific indoor requirements for static indoor use, as set out in Ofcom's repeater decision, describing approved equipment as 'License Exempt'.

Unconditionally Network Safe

Because we only use approved equipment, we can guarantee coverage without any risk of interference to the networks. Repeaters with uplink power control, echo cancellation, feedback control, uplink muting, and signal qualification, ensure it's entirely network safe.

Professional Grade Mobile Signal Amplifiers

We install products that use cutting-edge technology to provide high quality signal to areas of your building which are experiencing poor coverage. The equipment is built to the highest standards and is ideal for professional installations.

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