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Do you suffer with poor or non-existent mobile coverage in your building? You're not alone, too many buildings in the UK have little or non existent mobile signal which is frustrating, however Zonewave have the solution.

Corporate Office 

Making sure you have the adequete signal needed for executives and colleagues to conduct business transactions is vital.


Faultless communication systems in airports are critical to operations. Increasing uptake of digital solutions has made reliable signal crucial. 

Hospitals and Medical

Providing signal to medical research labs and hospitals without interferring with medical equipment ensuring vital comunications work.


New construction materials such as low emissivity glass and foil backed insulation block mobile signals.


Spreading out over vast campuses of lecture theatres, labs and halls, students and faculty alike depend on signal to stay connected.

Entertainment and Hospitality

Customers and guests expect access to the communication they are accustomed to, reliable signal is paramount to customer satisfaciton. 

New Regulations

On 12th April 2018, new regulations came into effect authorise the use of certain mobile phone repeaters that meet specific indoor requirements for static indoor use, as set out in Ofcom's repeater decision, describing approved equipment as 'License Exempt'. 

Our Solutions

Ofcom License Exempt Specification

Using Zonewave means you can be assured that all our installations use approved repeaters which are fully legal and totally compliant with Ofcom licensing laws.

Unconditionally Network Safe

Because we only use approved equipment, we can guarantee coverage without any risk of interference to the networks. Repeaters with uplink power control, echo cancellation, feedback control, uplink muting, and signal qualification, ensure it's entirely network safe.

Professional Grade Mobile Signal Amplifiers

We install products that use cutting-edge technology to provide high quality signal to areas of your building which are experiencing poor coverage. The equipment is built to the highest standards and is ideal for professional installations.

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